Close Protection (CP)

Close Protection operative looking after Womens GB tennis team

In an ever-growing uncertain world where the potential of high-risk situations could arise, the use of highly trained professional personal protection operatives to protect everything you hold dearly family, assets, property and business.

Anubis can tailor a comprehensive yet discreet Close Protection service to ensure your safety and to maintain your way of life.

Having a close protection operative can give you the peace of mind for you and your family to go about your daily activities without disruption knowing that there is somebody there to detect a threat even before it occurs.

Anubis Security continues to build in this sector. Providing close protection operatives to corporate, business executive’s, sporting/media personalities and private individuals.  Whether the task calls for a single Close Protection officer or the deployment of an high profile Close Protection team, Anubis can provide a dynamic service to meet your requirements and personal needs.

Our CP operatives are chosen from experienced ex-Military including UK Special Forces, high ranking police officers plus some of the leading industry operatives, who have deployed in overt and covert roles within the UK and Word wide. So we always have the correct operative for the right situation.

All Anubis Security Limited officers are trained and licensed to Security Industry Authority standards.

Our Executive Close Protection operatives

  • Comprehensive and innovative general Close Protection skills
  • All Drivers. Have good knowledge, into the preparation, control and techniques of low profile tactical driving, vehicle escort drills, convoy procedures, contact drills and vehicle navigation. 
  • Surveillance/counter surveillance.  Counter surveillance techniques used in the pre-emption of potentially lethal situations.  Using Proactive measures to detect and counter surveillance. 
  • All Operatives have Medical trauma management skill sets.  Skills that include triage assessment, control of bleeding, breaks/burns, defibrillation, airway control and many more aspects of first response.  With FPOS being ran by Anubis Securities training providers on a regular basis to keep these life saving skills upto date.     

Residential Security Team (RST)

Protection of your home has to be your first line of defence and a deterrent as  part of a full Close Protection security package, or as a stand-alone service. No-one should ever feel at risk in their own home, fame and wealth will always attract a certain level of threat.

Anubis Security Limited have worked with clients from around the world providing emergency security cover when threat levels have risen, on a short or long-term basis to provide an idividually assessed bespoke home security solution. Anubis clients range from Football and sport stars, music artists through to corporate clients.

Anubis Security’s Residential Security Teams (RST) are made up of former members of the armed forces and former police officers.

Residential Security is not just limited to home security, but also any area where our clients may be staying for long periods or holidays.

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