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Sports Ground Saftey

As many sports become ever more commercially driven, it is timely to remind ground management and its advisors of the danger of complacency and of the need for continual vigilance.

The Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975 defines a sports ground as: ‘A place where sports or other competitive activities take place in the open air, and where accommodation has been provided for spectators, consisting of artificial structures or of natural structures artificially modified for the purpose.’

safety steward

Anubis Security is always looking at improving safety at sports grounds. We intend to achieve this by always  using the best practices stipulated within The Green Guide and continually developing the expertise of Safety Officers.

Our professional stewarding and crowd management services are regularly deployed at a wide range of sporting events throughout the UK. From low league football to International Rugby you can find many of our sports ground safety stewards deployed under the watchful guidance of our level 5 Crowd Managers.

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