Manned Guarding / Static Guarding

Manned Guarding

While providing a Manned Guarding and Static Guarding service to some of the best-known brands and respected businesses in the corporate and commercial sector, we have been able to develop a service model that we believe can genuinely fulfil all your business’s security requirements.

By combining our experience in all sectors of the security industry Private and Public, combining police, military and private security industry’s best practices with intelligence and risk management, we provide a dynamic fresh service, with officers who will support and embrace your values and deliver a fantastic concierge role.
While maintaining a safe, secure, enjoyable site for you, your employees and clients.
Our manned guarding officers receive continues upskill training, learning first aid in the workplace and customer-facing training. We understand that our officers are the face of your brand. So the presentation of our static guards is 100% guaranteed.


Our office team, led by our directors, will discuss your requirements before putting together a robust security plan. Once you, the client have agreed on this, a designated contract manager will be assigned, to oversee the daily running of your contract.
The said contracts manager will assemble a team of our top performers who display the skills and behaviours required to work in your environments where security and customer service must come hand-in-hand.

Construction Site Security

Construction sites are an easy target for opportunistic thieves, with many contractors and vehicles entering each day as well as left vacant at night and weekends. Many construction sites suffer theft, yet security is often considered a ‘luxury’ (or unnecessary evil!).

However, well-managed uniformed security is effectively cost-neutral, with savings made in the prevention of lost plant, materials and frustrating downtime. It may also be an insurance requirement

Customer Facing Security

Some times making someone feel secure can mean no more than lending a ear and time. Anubis staff are trained to be the smiling face to meet your customers or general public, we know we are the first memory they will make of your company so great first imperssions are everything in a competative industry.

Why trust your brand with someone who doesnt understand the time and effort it takes to create a positive brand name, at Anubis our officers will become part of your team working within our expected high standards while presenting your company values and ethos.

Static guarding

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