Mobile Patrol / Key Holding

Mobile Patrol

Anubis Security provides mobile patrol security guards that are responsible for surveying outdoor spaces. For those with large or multiple sites, this offers a cost-effective solution, since mobile security officers can cover a much larger area than the same number of static security guards, while still providing an effective visual deterrent and a rapid response to any security incidents.

Using Anubis Securitys sign written vehicles, our mobile patrol security guard will travel around your site so that they can keep a close eye on every part of it, paying particular attention to identified high-risk areas. By utilising both random and pre-scheduled checks, our mobile security officers will ensure that their activities are irregular preventing predictability.

Depending on our client’s requirements and sites needs, further options are available as part of a more robust patrol package.

Added Interior Patrols

Our mobile patrol security officers if the client requires can undertake interior patrols of any buildings in their patrol route. Each site is different and poses different challenges, multiple architectures on the same location or several buildings on separate sites. 

Our Officer will comprehensively search each property. Checking security systems, ensuring fire safety protocols are being adhered to, removing any hazards and making sure no sensitive documents are lying around.

All our Mobile security patrol officers receive correct in house training on report writing, so extensive incident reports will be correlated so that the client can see exactly what’s happened and where on their site.

Key Holding and Alarm Response

Our mobile patrol security guards also protect businesses from unnecessary risk, unnecessary costs and inconvenience by providing a keyholding and alarm response service. 

The Keyholder Service allows our Clients to call upon our Mobile Officer to open or close the premise at any time.

Additionally, our mobile security officer will respond swiftly to any alarm on his patrol route. Once ascertaining the cause of the alarm to sound (whether a genuine security issue or false call),  our mobile security patrol officers will report back to our 24hr control room, before being advised on the most appropriate course of action – either resetting the alarm or locating and detaining the culprit and then liaising with emergency services which our Control will have called to assist.

Key holding alarmed response

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