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Anubis Security operates at the highest levels within Retail Security, providing loss prevention and lowering the risk of theft and shoplifting. We incorporate highly trained security officers and also offer you the opportunity to upscale your security adding covert store detectives with the style that suits the cutting edge your industry.
We know your clientele like to enjoy browsing your store without the displeasure of being scrutinised by an obtrusive security guard. At Anubis Security, we place emphasis on creating a comfortable shopping atmosphere while still maintaining a presence to deter any would-be thieves.


Our retail security guard will always be courteous, opening the door to your customers with a welcoming smile which will help them to enjoy their shopping experience. Our officer is at times the first face your clientele will see, so we have the options available of Uniform would you like the standard black trousers and white shirt with black tie uniform or a more casual less in your face design fitting your stores look.

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Frequently asked questions

Anubis security become a fully approved contractor in 2016, with an excellent score of plus 67.  This puts us in the elite of companies nationwide, which means that our systems, staff and management are all fully  qualified and regulated.

We have references on file from all types of clients covering close protection, manned guarding and events work… references from other parties are also available. all you need to do is ask…

Even though our managers have years of industry experience they are still out on the ground.   They truly understand what it takes to be a great security operative.  The management team are there to help and support all staff whenever necessary.  Working for us you become part of the team and also part of the Anubis family.

We're Hiring

We are currently recruiting for a variety of roles Static, Retail and Events including Door Supervisor and Events Steward for the festivals of 2020

 Feel free to send a CV and/or cover letter and we will get back to you within 48 hours

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