Facilities Management

Anubis Facilities Management Division has been providing support to clients for almost two years, upholding the same strong work ethic and client-focused care as our highly successful security division.

We have been instrumental in aiding large construction and blue-chip companies throughout the UK, playing a crucial role in business recovery post-pandemic. We recognise that your staff and facilities are your most valuable assets, and our top priority is ensuring their safety and maintaining an inviting atmosphere for your clients.

At Anubis, our policies, procedures, and staff training are designed not only to create exceptional and secure work environments but also to emphasise sustainability and environmentally responsible practices.

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At Anubis Security, our commitment is unwavering in delivering a professional and attentive service to all our clients.

Whether you require site manned guarding, static security, mobile patrols, corporate function security, crowd management, festival security, or event security, we encourage you to reach out to our experienced team. They will be delighted to engage with you and explore the diverse range of security solutions we offer.

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