Mobile Patrol / Key Holding

Mobile Patrol

Anubis Security offers mobile patrol security services designed to oversee outdoor spaces. This cost-effective solution is especially advantageous for those with extensive or multiple sites. Mobile security officers can cover larger areas compared to the equivalent number of static guards, providing both a visible deterrent and swift response to security incidents.


Our mobile patrol security guards utilise marked Anubis Security vehicles to systematically traverse your site, maintaining vigilant oversight over every area, with a focus on identified high-risk zones. Through a combination of random and scheduled checks, our mobile security officers ensure unpredictability in their activities.


For clients with specific needs, we also offer additional options as part of a comprehensive patrol package, tailoring our services to meet individual site requirements.

Added Interior Patrols

Upon client request, our mobile patrol security officers can conduct interior patrols of buildings along their patrol route. We recognise that each site presents unique challenges, with varying architectural layouts on the same property or multiple buildings across different locations.

Our officers conduct thorough property searches, addressing various aspects including security system checks, adherence to fire safety protocols, hazard removal, and ensuring the absence of sensitive documents.

Furthermore, all our mobile security patrol officers undergo comprehensive in-house training in report writing. This ensures the creation of detailed incident reports, providing clients with a clear account of events and their specific locations within their site.

Key Holding and Alarm Response

Our mobile patrol security guards also serve as a crucial safeguard against unnecessary risks, costs, and inconveniences through our keyholding and alarm response service.

With our keyholding service, clients have the flexibility to call upon our mobile officers to open or close their premises at any time.

Furthermore, our mobile security officers respond promptly to alarms within their patrol route. Upon determining the cause of the alarm (whether a legitimate security concern or a false alarm), our mobile security patrol officers promptly report back to our 24-hour control room. They are then guided on the most suitable course of action, which may involve resetting the alarm or apprehending any potential intruders. In such cases, they also coordinate with emergency services, which our control operatives have already contacted for assistance.

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