Manned Guarding & Static Security

Manned Guarding

We provide manned guarding and static guarding services to well-known brands and respected businesses in the corporate and commercial sector. Our service model has evolved to meet all your security needs.

Drawing from our extensive experience in both public and private security sectors, including police, military, and private industry best practices, we offer a fresh and dynamic service. Our officers align with your values and excel in a concierge role while ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for you, your employees, and clients.

Our manned guarding officers receive ongoing training in first aid and customer-facing skills. We take pride in the impeccable presentation of our static guards, knowing they represent your brand.

Our dedicated office team, led by our directors, collaborates with you to create a robust security plan. Once you approve it, a contract manager is assigned to oversee daily operations. They assemble a team of top performers who excel in environments where security and customer service go hand in hand.

Construction Site Security

Construction sites are susceptible to opportunistic theft due to the frequent presence of contractors and vehicles during the day, as well as periods of vacancy at night and on weekends. Unfortunately, many construction sites experience theft, often because security is deemed a “luxury” or unnecessary expense.

Nonetheless, efficiently managed uniformed security can actually be cost-neutral. It leads to savings by preventing the loss of equipment, materials, and costly downtime. In some cases, having security in place may even be an insurance requirement

Customer Facing Security

Sometimes, providing a sense of security is as simple as offering a listening ear and time. At Anubis, our staff is trained to be that welcoming face when interacting with your customers or the general public. We recognize that we serve as the initial impression of your company, and in a highly competitive industry, those first impressions hold immense value.

Why entrust your brand to someone who doesn’t appreciate the dedication required to build a positive brand reputation? Anubis officers seamlessly integrate into your team, upholding our stringent standards while embodying your company’s values and ethos

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Whether you require site manned guarding, static security, mobile patrols, corporate function security, crowd management, festival security, or event security, we encourage you to reach out to our experienced team. They will be delighted to engage with you and explore the diverse range of security solutions we offer.

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